Join the UC Davis 2017 Winter Quarter pool!


  • 2017 Winter Quarter begins: January 6
  • Registration for CollegeBetter Winter Quarter pool closes: January 23
  • Winter Quarter quarter ends: March 24


Are you a UC Davis undergraduate committed to the goal of raising your cumulative GPA by the end of 2017 Winter quarter? Here are the rules for the Winter pool:
  1. The minimum buy-in fee for the pool is $20 and the maximum you can commit is $100. If you fail to raise your cumulative GPA by the end of the 2017 Winter quarter, you will forfeit your buy-in fee. If you succeed, you will split the pot of buy-in fees proportionally based on your buy-in fee, with all other students who also successfully raised their cumulative GPAs. For instance, if you commit $40, your winning share will be twice as large as those who commit $20. Note that the worst outcome that can happen should you successfully achieve the goal is that you get your money back.
  2. You must be taking 12 or more units toward a letter grade in Winter quarter.
  3. You must have been enrolled at UC Davis for at least one quarter prior to this upcoming Winter Quarter.
Important Note: We are still in the research and development phase of CollegeBetter. We also face several budget constraints. Thus, we may not be able to accept everyone who applies. Depending on interest, we may have to implement a randomization mechanism. Once the pool closes, we will notify all participants who completed the entry form below and submitted the buy-in fee whether they received a spot in the pool. Of course, students who were not randomly selected will receive their buy-in fee back.

Ready to join?

If you're interested in joining the 2017 Winter Quarter pool, login to your UC Davis account and fill out the below information. To access the form, you'll need to be logged out of any non-UC Davis account and logged into your UC Davis gmail account. If you're still having problems Contact us at support.

Pay now

Once you've completed the form above submit your fee (between $20 - $100) below!

Upon arriving to the Paypal or Venmo page (after clicking either button), enter in the amount you'd like to contribute for your buy-in fee. Remember your buy in fee must be between $20 - $100 . Note that you can pay with a credit card through PayPal.