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While I am primarily motivated by the grades themselves, adding a monetary incentive to improving my GPA provides an extra push to study on those late nights. I would not have enrolled if I didn't think I could do well in my courses, but I enjoyed the extra incentive.

Haley | Class of 2016

CollegeBetter gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in a fun way while earning money for raising my GPA. I chose CollegeBetter because the application process was easy. It took me less than 3 mins to completed it. I successfully achieved my goal of raising my GPA and I earned some money too! It's like getting paid for something that all students are persuading anyways, raise our GPA every quarter. I studied even harder than before in order to raise my GPA. I developed good study habits on the way. I would totally recommend this to any student who is willing to get out of their comfort zone, raise their GPA, and earn some money too!

Ronald Rivera | Class of 2016

It was hard to motivate myself to get down to studying for the class. When I signed up for CollegeBetter, I keep telling myself that I cannot let myself lose my $20 over my laziness. So, I felt slightly more motivated to study for class. I would recommend this to others, especially the ones who are in need of money. That material motivation can egg them on too, I believe.


I chose CollegeBetter since it was a good way to earn back your money while also motivating your studies to earn it back. I would recommend it for others.

Nick | Class of 2015

CollegeBetter definitely motivated me to try harder in class and to learn more. I signed up because it sounded like a really cool idea, and I highly recommend it for others. I plan on signing up every term until I graduate. The $20 buy-in is certainly a better investment than the $200+ professors force us to spend on textbooks. This world needs more cool programs like CollegeBetter.


I decided to participate because I wanted some extra motivation. I successfully raised my gpa and felt myself focusing better in class/doing homework because of CollegeBetter. I have recommended CollegeBetter to other people because it really helped me in those moments of weakness; it was the little extra push necessary to keep me working hard.


I chose to participate mostly because I had the confidence that I would be able to raise my GPA. Participating in CollegeBetter would just mean getting money for continuing to do well academically. When I was registered in the program, CollegeBetter didn't exactly motivate me to study more, but it was definitely on my mind because I didn't want to lose my initial buy-in.


I chose to participate because I really needed to increase my GPA for my last quarter at UC Davis. I felt like I would have increased my GPA regardless of CollegeBetter, but I always say that for every quarter and it doesn't always happen. I feel that I am very motivated by money. To get a higher GPA than before is kind of an abstract goal. You can't physically hold a higher GPA in your hands. Money is different. It's a physical goal and I think that's much more motivating to me. I was successful. I feel like I really did work harder in school because of CollegeBetter. For me, I think it's a win-win situation. I work harder, I get better grades, and I win money. I would definitely recommend CollegeBetter for people who are motivated by money.

Annie | Class of 2015

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